Voice Insights


Each auto-tagger is tied to a specific language and will only be triggered for that language only. We support auto-taggers for any of the languages supported by our transcription engine.

Trigger Words

These types of automations require you to define a list of trigger words (or phrases) that Voice Insights should look out for in the audio transcriptions of your calls.


In addition to the list of trigger words, you also need to specify one or more tags that Voice Insights should assign to calls that match any of the trigger words you defined.

Attribute Overrides

You know your business best, which is why we introduced the attribute override feature, which allows you to override the values of certain attributes for the contact, based on the automations you define.
For instance, if you defined an auto-tagger automation that detects bad language, then you probably also want to ensure that the sentiment of the call is marked negative, accordingly. Therefore, we expose a simple mechanism for you to do just that:
We currently only support attribute overrides for the call sentiment, but we are planning to add more attributes soon.