Voice Insights
Basic Setup
In order for Voice Insights to start analyzing your Amazon Connect calls, we need permission to capture these events from your AWS account where your Amazon Connect instance is located.

Deploy CloudFormation Template to your AWS account

Under the "Account" section of Voice Insights, click "Deploy CloudFormation Template". This will bring up the CloudFormation console in your AWS account with a series of pre-filled values. By accepting to deploy this stack you authorize CloudFormation to create a collection of AWS resources in your account.
Next, copy the API Key and Signing Secret from the "Account" page to the corresponding fields in the CloudFormation page that opened up in the previous step. This ensures your account can push data securely to our systems.

Setup Data Streaming in Amazon Connect

Go to the Amazon Connect homepage and select your Connect instance. Next, click "Data Streaming" in the left sidebar and check "Enable data streaming", as seen in the screenshot below.
Setting up Data Streaming in the Amazon Connect console.
Finally, select the Kinesis Stream that was created through the CloudFormation template above.
If you want to set up recording transcriptions and to surface more advanced analytics features like CSAT, NPS, and IVR settings, see the Advanced Analytics section.

Test Integration

To test that the integration is complete, make a quick phone call to one of the phone numbers under your Amazon Connect instance. Within a minute you should be able to see the call under Call Logs in Voice Insights.
Last modified 2yr ago